Pod27 Helps Redefine How Filmmakers Connect and Share with Stakeholders throughout the Production Lifecycle


PORTLAND, Ore. – March 4, 2010Pod27, a leader in digital workflow management systems for the motion picture industry, today launched a major new version of its powerful Web-based film management application, Pod27.  With more than 100 features, Pod27 utilizes the latest cloud computing technology to help filmmakers better organize, share and connect during the production process.

New in this version of Pod27

  • Pod27 Mobile – access your workspace from any mobile device; optimized to work with touch screen technology, such as Apple’s iPhone or Google’s Android.
  • Powerful Search – leverage Pod27’s new search functionality to find the production information you need instantly.
  • Instant Collaboration – Users can upload files and images, add comments, tag and cross reference material, with instant notifications sent directly to their inbox.
  • Robust Security – Pod27 uses bulletproof web security to maintain peace of mind for your vital production assets.

“Being a producer, I’m always looking for better ways to centralize information associated with a project and then share that information with all the stakeholders,” said David Cress, Executive Producer for Gus Van Sant’s latest Untitled Film. “Pod27 is an amazing resource that allows us to create a virtual workspace where all team members can access vital production information and share data associated with the project. It saves us money and enables us to be more efficient.”

“Pod27 was designed to streamline the filmmaking process from the production side and eliminate the patchwork approach that exists in the industry today. Until now, no one has made a cost-effective, hosted collaboration engine for film that gives users the tools they need to more better communicate and share information instantly,” said Tyler Peterson, President and Founder of Pod27. “Our latest customer experienced a 15 percent reduction in time and cost on his project, which he attributed to Pod27.”

Pod27 is completely Web-based and optimized for both Mac and PC users from anywhere in the world. The company is helping to redefine digital workflow for film crews and filmmakers by delivering a secure, centralized Web application for users to share and organize information, such as location photos and videos, maps, casting details, dailies, production documents, legal contracts and more.

Demonstration and Availability

Pod27 is currently available worldwide. Demonstrations and full system requirement information is available through www.pod27.com.

About Pod27

Pod27 delivers production workflow on demand for filmmakers and entertainment companies worldwide. The company is based in Portland, Oregon. For more information, please visit www.pod27.com.

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2 thoughts on “Pod27 Helps Redefine How Filmmakers Connect and Share with Stakeholders throughout the Production Lifecycle

  1. I recently saw a demo of Pod27 and was amazed to see someone finally hit the mark on consolidating a secure, mobile platform that enables collaboration. Being in the media and technology business for over twenty years I was pleased to see the implementation of a high quality streaming video solution that accurately targets the end users connection speed. The quality was very impressive and consistent.

    I can only imagine the cost savings associated with the use of this site. No more shipping costs or time delays.

    I think this is also great for folks who are addicted to mobile devices (like me).

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