“American Pickers” Coming To Oregon.

p7939201_b_h9_akAMERICAN PICKERS To Film In Oregon

Mike Wolfe, Frank Fritz, and their team are excited to return to Oregon! They plan to film episodes of the hit series AMERICAN PICKERS throughout the region this summer.

AMERICAN PICKERS is a documentary series that explores the fascinating world of antique ‘picking’ on History. The hit show follows Mike and Frank, two of the most skilled pickers in the business, as they hunt for America’s most valuable antiques. They are always excited to find sizeable, unique collections and learn the interesting stories behind them. Continue reading... ““American Pickers” Coming To Oregon.”

“American Pickers” To Shoot In Oregon


The “American Pickers” series will be filming in Oregon later this year.  Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz will be cruising the state looking for vintage memorabilia and antiques for this documentary series (History) to showcase their valuable “picks” from unlikely places.

If you have a large collection or want to refer someone to Mike and Frank, email: your name, number, address and description of the collection and photos to: [email protected] 855-old-rust.

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“American Pickers” is produced by Cineflix Productions for History. Continue reading... ““American Pickers” To Shoot In Oregon”