LOVESICK: A Post-Punk Puzzle VR Game coming soon to Meta Quest

Middle-America, 1999. After a grueling tour that has left them emotionally drained and flat broke, the four members of The New Agenda make it back to their dilapidated home. They have nothing in the fridge, nothing in the bank, and nothing lined up for their future.

They can’t even survive a band practice without tearing each other apart, and during one especially disastrous practice session a supernatural event dubbed “the Feedback” plunges them all into a twisted alternate reality. 

In LOVESICK, you assume the role of Sam, the band’s bassist, as he navigates the strange environments imprisoning his bandmates. With each surreal mindscape reflecting the memories, fears, and ambitions of the person trapped within, he is the crumbling band’s only hope for returning to reality. Sam must piece together the mystery behind the encroaching Feedback, determine what lies ahead for The New Agenda, and save his bandmates before they’re swallowed whole inside their own troubled minds.

Developed by Portland’s Rose City Games and co-published by Lyrical Media, LOVESICK is a New-Weird exploration of a band on the brink of collapse. Set against the backdrop of the late 1990s, the game combines elements of raw storytelling, surreal visuals, and escape room inspired puzzle-solving to create a completely unique VR game.

The developers are also bringing their own lived experiences to craft the story of LOVESICK. “Before getting into gamedev, most of us on the team grew up playing in bands. I spent my entire 20s in the music industry, recording albums, touring, and later working at a record label,” recalls Director Corey Warning. “We’re uniquely set up to tell this story. It was inspired by the existential nowhere that comes from being on the road constantly and finding and sharing your voice. The egos, the pressure, the camaraderie — it’s all here.”

LOVESICK’s music embodies the ‘90s influenced post-punk scene with songs and score by Grahm Nesbitt. “Corey and I had a blast developing the sound of The New Agenda and referencing the punk, indie rock, and emo music from the turn of the century,” said Nesbitt. “That’s part of what’s special about LOVESICK. Most of what you hear as far as the world of sound in the game comes from the characters and the instruments they play. In a way, it’s an extension of all of their voices and how it all fits into the music from this specific moment in time.” 

Rose City Games has been developing and publishing original, independent video games since 2015. The studio’s M.O. has always been to challenge themselves with something new with each project they create. From publishing a visual novel puzzle battler (The World Next Door) to a tactics-driven deckbuilder (Floppy Knights) to a cozy adventure (Garden Story), they’ve broadened their skills while always staying rooted in strong narratives, striking art styles, killer soundtracks, and approachable gameplay. 


With LOVESICK, Rose City Games is crafting the studio’s first VR title with co-publisher Lyrical Media, driven by a shared dedication to authentic storytelling. “We set out to make something unlike anything we’ve seen in VR before and this has been many years coming,” says Will Lewis, Co-Founder of Rose City Games. “This team has shown tremendous grit through this journey, pushing boundaries of what we can do and overcoming challenges to bring LOVESICK to life. It’s a culmination of our passion for genuine character-driven storytelling and satisfying puzzle development.”

To stay up to date with all things LOVESICK, please visit the official Rose City Games website, follow @RoseCityGames on Twitter, and join the studio’s Discord community.

You can watch the official announcement trailer on YouTube. LOVESICK will be available in early 2025 and you can wishlist the game on Meta Quest and SteamVR now.


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