Hollywood Theatre at PDX is Looking for #OregonMade Short Films

The Hollywood Theatre, Portland’s premiere modern-historic movie house, is looking for short films to be screened at their location in the PDX airport for our Summer 2024 program. If you or someone you know has a short film that fits the parameters presented below, consider submitting your film!

To be considered for screening at the Hollywood Theatre @ PDX, all submissions must meet the following criteria:


  • Must be created by a local/regional artist or concern issues relating to Oregon or the Pacific Northwest
  • Must be appropriate for a general audience (G-rated). This includes restrictions on language, images of violence and weaponry, drug references, and any other “adult” content.
  • Must be 10 minutes or shorter in length
  • Must be of high quality
  • Must be original content
  • Must not be or contain advertisements

Submit a short film here: https://filmfreeway.com/HollywoodTheatrePDX

The Hollywood has passed along this application fee waiver CODE: GORPDX to make the process a little easier.

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