“Free Willy” Coming Next to #OregonMade Film Series

A street kid gets caught vandalizing (in Portland or Astoria or even Seattle, it’s never actually clear except for the SuperSonics baseball cap) and sent to clean up his creative tagging at the fish tanks at (thanks to creative editing) Oaks Park. It is here that Jesse befriends the eponymous angry-at-his-captivity Orca and the rest is cinematic history – right on up thru the Killer Whale in a car wash and on to Willy’s dramatic flying escape over the breakwater at Hammond Marina in Warrenton. 80s and 90s favorites like Lori Petty, August Schellenberg, Michael Madsen and Michael Ironside (as the baddie, which he does so well) star along side Jason James Richter as Jesse and Keiko as Willy.

Richard and Laura Donner retuned to Oregon after the success of “The Goonies” and made another classically inspiring film that spans the San Juans in Washington to Ecola State Park and the Oregon Coast.

This one is all about the importance of family, wherever and whomever they may be.

Come see it at 3p on Sunday, October 22. Get your tickets here.

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