Movie & FX Makeup Camp Starts This Monday, June 19-22

Movie & FX Makeup Summer Camp

June 19-22, 2023

10am-3pm (Mon-Thurs)

We are excited to offer this new Summer Makeup Camp theme focused on special fx and film character makeup! Learn the secrets behind realistic makeup fx tricks used in your favorite movie and tv shows, then write your own story and watch it come to life. A Certificate of Training & pictures of your work will be provided

Topics covered include:

Day 1 – Bruises, cuts, gashes & scratches

Day 2 – Bullet holes, burns, & broken bones

Day 3 – Sickness, dirt, blood, tears & other character tricks. Intro to prosthetic application.

Day 4 – Make a movie! Students will write a short story, requiring some cool makeup fx and watch it come to life! Actors will be workshop students. Parents are invited to watch the performances. No pressure, students can always opt out of performing. Workshop includes photo shoots at our in-house pro photo studio, and digital files of all pictures taken.

4-day workshop

Registration: $340

SMC FX Kit: $45

Total: $385

Find out more or sign up here

[email protected]


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