#OregonMade “Short Circuit” House Location, To Become Museum & Lodging In Astoria

Edward Stratton, from The Daily Astorian, reports that super fan, Richard Bates, recently purchased the Victorian home in Astoria that was used as a prominent location in the science fiction comedy film (1996).  Bates was only 6 years old when he saw “Short Circuit,” and immediately became a fan, and now has plans to turn the house into a museum and overnight stay lodging.

Over the years Astoria has been a celebrated Oregon location for many features, TV series, and documentaries and consequently boasts 3 Oregon Film Trail sign locations, one of which is dedicated to “Short Circuit”.  The sign stop is located in the small but picturesque Alameda Park overlooking the Astoria-Megler Bridge, which also features in the movie when the robot, Number 5, in a dramatic scene, escapes and falls from the bridge.

Oregon Film Trail sign stop at Alameda Park

Read more about Bates’s museum and lodging plans in the Daily Astorian here.


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