New streaming channel for shows about archaeology and cultural heritage!

We have exciting news about a new streaming channel that our Oregon nonprofit has created for shows about archaeology and cultural heritage.

We made this for people who may be tired of mindless reality TV shows, or watered-down content disguising itself as science, and who might be interested in binge-worthy shows, NOT from Netflix, that people can watch on their own smart TVs.

After having been streaming video online for more that 20 years, and having access to a network of hundreds of content producers and distributors around the world, ALI is well positioned to develop this new service. We believe it will attract both viewers and new producers, especially audiences are hungry for diverse content that they can watch at home.

Heritage Broadcasting Service, or just plain Heritage, is already available during our Beta Launch and will launch formally on January 1. Developed by nonprofit Archaeological Legacy Institute (that’s us, the people who created The Archaeology Channel at, Heritage at the outset features more than 100 outstanding film titles from many countries on familiar subjects such as ancient Egypt, Stonehenge, Mesoamerica, and Peru, but also on diverse and rarer topics ranging from prehistoric astronomers to the only Japanese bombing of the US mainland in World War II. Many more titles are in the pipeline. Subscribers can watch all the shows on their desktop computers, tablets and smartphones, and beginning on January 4, 2021, will be able to watch on their smart TVs with Roku as well. See our short video about Heritage at

You can check out the Heritage site now at, where you can watch many trailers already, even without subscribing, and read descriptions of the dozens of titles posted there so far. Subscriptions ($5.99 per month, with discounts for longer terms) are available now, and gift cards (at are available as well for redemption immediately. People can support this nonprofit service now by reserving gift cards as presents or even for themselves.

We are working to spread the word widely about Heritage. Please help us do that! Thanks very much.

Rick Pettigrew

Richard M. (Rick) Pettigrew, Ph.D., RPA
President and Executive Director
Archaeological Legacy Institute
4147 E. Amazon Dr.
Eugene, OR 97405
[email protected]

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