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In our series of blog posts – the “New Normal” – we are looking at what creative options have been put in place to offset the disruption that Covid-19 has caused for production businesses here in Oregon.  This month we caught up with Picture This, one of Portland’s leading provider of Camera Rentals, Projectors, and Picture This Production Services that have offered over 30 years of excellence in production and live events in the Pacific Northwest.

Oregon Film (OF): Assuming the Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted your business, like so many others, what aspect would you say has been the most surprising? What are the main modifications you have had to make to accommodate this new normal? (Which ideas have worked/been successful, which ones not so much…)

Picture This (PT): Our main modifications have been to implement a change of practices to keep our employees and guests safe.  It takes a lot of extra effort to flip equipment and studios in a safe methodology.

OF: Are there any surprising areas of growth in your business since the pandemic started?

PT: Event Streaming media has moved to the forefront of our clients’ needs. Although we have been streaming for over 10 years. It is almost 100% added for studio production and seen huge technology leaps for meetings and events.

OF: Have you had to implement new training for your staff?

PT: All our staff was asked to take and certify as Covid Safe Set qualified. Our biggest hurdle has been to help clients manage and implement these practices.

OF: If there has been any impact on staff morale, how have you successfully been able to mitigate this?

PT: You have to realize this is a marathon and not a sprint. Encouraging and supporting each other in both a professional and personal way is the best thing you can do as a human being and associate.

OF: What are you most proud of doing well during this challenging time?

PT: We were able to pivot and use our high-end video walls to implement an in-Camera VFX volume. Our staff spent 8 months perfecting the technology and we are rolling it out to a very enthusiastic audience. Small crews, 10 hours of Magic Hour, and infinite sets are now a reality.

To contact Picture This for more details visit:

Picture This Production Services has been servicing the Film, Video and Live Event Industry for over 30 years. Our experienced personnel and quality equipment are well known in the market for efficiency, creativity and excellence. Picture This services cable/satellite network channels, media communications companies, large and small corporations, and local businesses.


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