First Covid-19 Feature Film, “COVID-19 Response,” Tells the Story of How a Neglectful Dad Reacts to a Pandemic

OregonMade, “COVID-19 Response,” is a family drama written and directed by Andrew Jacob Brown, owner of Confound Productions.  A global pandemic hits the stock market, so a day trader hits the stores to stock his shelves. But when his teen daughter unexpectedly shows up on his door step, she wants to ransack his supply and give it away to his neighbors.

The film was inspired by the different reactions people had at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic.  Two weeks in, Andrew was engaged in a bible teaching that talked about reacting and responding to stressful situations, and boom, the idea of “Covid-19 Response” was born.  The entire film was shot in compliance of the social distancing guidelines with a three person crew – Andrew Jacob Brown, his wife Angie Brown, and his daughter Moriah Brown, best lead actress nominee of the 2019 film “Confound.”  Despite the film being shot on a micro budget, the message it delivers packs a heavy punch.

“COVID-19 Response” was released August 16th 2020 on Christian Cinema, an American video digital store.


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