#OregonMade Docu-series, “House on Fire” Asks Individuals To Save One Thing If Their House Were Ablaze – What They Choose Tell Entire Stories About Culture & Identity.

 “House on Fire” asks individuals to save one thing if their house were ablaze. The items they choose tell entire stories about culture, identity, and the true value of material possessions.

A new #OregonMade documentary series, “House on Fire” was created and directed, by Heather Hawksford and Reed Harkness. The first four episodes, all filmed in Oregon, are available on Topic.com. (The first episode is free, but the remaining episodes require a subscription to their new streaming service. Or, you can find the second episode for free on Vimeo, where it was just selected as a staff pick yesterday.)

Hawksford and Rees said, “We created this series out of a desire to find common ground in polarized times. There is so much divide. Social and mass media seems to amplify this, one sensational image or article after another. By asking communities this simple question about what they would save during a house fire, we see how surprisingly similar we are to one another, despite our perceived differences. The 2nd episode features two communities in Portland that grew into existence out of a need for safe and stable housing.

Watch now on Topic.com

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