Thank You, Commissioner Fish

For believing in art and artists, for finding solutions, for fighting for what was right, for helping us find a better way to do things, thank you.

For all of the handwritten notes, for all of the visits to sets and attendance at premieres, for pushing us to increase opportunities for everyone, thank you.

For being passionate about people and stories and causes, for being accessible and constructive, for standing up for friends and strangers alike, thank you.

For dedicating a street, a sign and a bike rack, for always calling with ideas and helping us enact them, for speaking out when many of us wouldn’t, thank you.

For making us passionate about the Thorns, the Timbers, dance, film, theatre and documentaries, for attending events, gatherings, celebrations and remembrances, for addressing crowds and individuals with insight and understanding.

For being a friend, a confidant, a creator, a supporter and a constant presence.

We will remember.

We will miss you.


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