New Documentary: “Dreams of the Bubble People”

With the help of Sally Spaderna of Koerner Camera Systems, we are starting a new documentary project with the goal of Netflix distribution: “Dreams of the Bubble People”.  It may sound silly, but I assure you: do not underestimate the unexpected, and very human story of: “The Amazing Bubble Man” His name is Louis Pearl, and I would like to tell his story, and show his world.

In a lucky turn of events the “International Bubble Festival” and “Bubble Daze” professional conference is happening in late September in beautiful Snowdonia! This is the confluence of all the main members of our story, and we are very fortunate that it is happening right now!

We need to hustle to Wales in the UK to film Louis and 79 other leading bubble artists. We’ll have epic scenes in front of an ancient Welsh castle, bonfires, mountains, and attempts at 11 new world records with Guinness observing. This footage will add so much value to the film, and if we get it, we can more easily approach large donors and sponsors.

Professional equipments and studio time has already been donated by Koerner Camera Systems and Open Signal, and a willing crew of professionals Now we just need insurance, business expenses, etc.



Join us on our ride to Wales!

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“Dreams of the Bubble People” (Working Title)The story .
A documentary that follows the dramatic thread of a few outsiders who found success in the most unexpected a ridiculous field.

YouTube: Bubble People

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