Eastern Oregon Film Festival Announces Line-up

Official Selections for the NINTH ANNUAL #EOFF2018. 

Eastern Oregon Film Festival is proud to announce its Official Selections for the 2018 Festival. An intimate gathering nestled in downtown La Grande OR, #EOFF2018 will feature film screenings, special events, and live music at The Granada Theatre and our own creative space, hq, as well as an Online Program consisting of 14 films—exclusively available to watch at Filmmaker Magazine


#EOFF2018 will open with director Bridey Elliot‘s hilariously-spooky debut feature CLARA’S GHOST (pictured above), in which she cast her entire family to play its dysfunctional protagonists. Friday night will wrap up with newcomer Erik Bloomquist‘s unsettling, psycho-horror drama LONG LOST about two brothers meeting for the first time. The final screening and closing night feature is none other than EOFF Alumni and community favorite Jim Cummings‘ heartfelt comedy about a cop who loved his mom, THUNDER ROAD!

Official Selections #EOFF2018

101 SECONDS — dir. Skye Fitzgerald
2018, USA, 83:00 mins, Nonfiction

On December 11th, 2012, a shooter entered Clackamas Town Center Mall near Portland and opened fire with an STAG-15 assault-style rifle, killing two people and injuring one before taking his own life.

AFTER HER —dir. Aly Migliori
2018, USA, 14:33, Fiction

A wayward teenager goes missing and her friend is haunted by her disappearance.

ARMOR DEL AMOR — dir. Kirk Martin
2018, USA, 01:46 mins, Animation

A nature ‘documentary’ depicting the mating rituals of Dasypus novemcinctus aka the nine-banded female armadillo.

ANOTE’S ARK — dir. Matthieu Ritz
2018, Canada, 77:00 mins, Nonfiction

What if your country was swallowed by the sea? Kiribati is a remote place on Earth and yet one of the 1st countries facing annihilation from sea-level rise.

BASKETBALL — dir. Tony Schubert
2018, USA, 4:13 mins, Fiction

A woman struggles to learn the fundamentals of basketball.

2018, USA, 7:00 mins, Nonfiction

Backwoods poet Joe Sawyer takes the viewers on a first person journey into a rich past, riddled with escapades, and a present that offers humor and clarity through his poetry.

CLARA’S GHOST — dir. Bridey Elliot
2018, USA, 80:00 mins, Fiction

Set over the course of a single evening in suburban Connecticut, Clara Reynolds—fed up with constant ribbing from her self-absorbed showbiz family—finds solace in and guidance from the supernatural force she believes is haunting her.

COLE — dir. David Call
2018, USA, 10:26 mins, Fiction

A U.S. combat veteran recovering from a traumatic brain injury (TBI) attempts to find a job in the civilian world.

FEAR US WOMEN — dir. David Darg
2017, USA & Syria, 27:02 mins, Nonfiction

Hanna Bohman is a Canadian civilian who has spent the last three years in Syria as a volunteer soldier battling ISIS.

FOR THE BIRDS dir. Richard Miron
2018, USA, 92:00 mins, Nonfiction

A woman’s love for her pet ducks and chickens—all 200 of them—begins to threaten her marriage and draw attention from local animal rescuers.

INGRID — dir. Morissa Maltz
2018, USA, 52 mins, Nonfiction

Ingrid left her life as a successful fashion designer and mother in Texas to become a reclusive hermit immersed in nature, focused solely on creating art.

2018, USA, 105 mins, Nonfiction

Six brilliant high school students prepare for the world’s largest high school science competition: the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF).

IN REALITY —dir. Ann Lupo
2018, USA, 95:32 mins, Fiction & Nonfiction

Ann is consumed by the fantasy of finding true love. Just when she thinks she’s found it, she is friend-zoned.

KERLOSTER — dir. Ombeline de la Gournerie
2016, Denmark, 25:00 mins, Fiction

Religious people in the village of Kerloster seek out Baptiste, the youngest of three orphaned teenagers known for his divine connection to Sain-Yves-de-Vérité, to solve their problems.

KRISTA — dir. Danny Madden
2018, USA, 9:23 mins, Fiction

In a high school theater class, Krista uses her scene study as catharsis.

LONG LOST — dir. Erik Bloomquist
2018, USA, 95 mins, Fiction

When Seth receives a mysterious letter inviting him to spend the weekend at a secluded mansion in the country, he soon realizes the people inside the house may know him better than he knows himself.

LOTTE THAT SILOHUETTE GIRL —dir. Carla Patullo, Elizabeth Becherl
2018, USA, 9:59 mins, Nonfiction

Long before Disney and the other animation giants, Lotte Reiniger ignited the screen with shadows, light, and a pair of magical scissors.

MEDUSA — dir. India Donaldson
2018, 11:23 mins, Fiction

Meredith is infatuated with the marble statue ‘Perseus with the Head of Medusa’ at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

PLUNGE — dir. Joshua DeFour
2018, USA, 10:09, Fiction

A vagabond apartment guest and the apartment owner must set aside mutual resentment as they attempt to fix a badly clogged toilet.

RODENTS OF UNUSUAL SIZE — dir. Chris Metzler, Jeff Springer, Quinn Costello
2017, USA, 71:00 mins, Nonfiction

The residents of Louisiana never know what will attack them next: floods, hurricanes, or the monstrous swamp rats known as nutria.

2018, USA, 9:44 mins, Nonfiction

A glimpse into the controversial, 1996 court case that decided the fate of the ‘Kennewick Man’.

THE HAPPINESS MACHINE — dir. Rebecca Blumhaven
2018, USA, 23:35 mins, Nonfiction

A philosopher, inventor, and farmer, Cal shares with us the deeply intricate workings of his life as a sharecropper on 22 acres in rural Iowa.

THE PAIN OF OTHERS — dir. Penny Lane
2018, USA, 71:00 mins, Nonfiction

A found footage documentary about Morgellons, a mysterious illness whose sufferers say they have parasites under the skin, long colored fibers emerging from lesions, and a host of other bizarre symptoms which could be borrowed from a horror film.

THE RIDER — dir. Chloé Zhao
2017, USA, 104 mins, Fiction & Nonfiction

After suffering a near fatal head injury, a young cowboy undertakes a search for new identity and what it means to be a man in the heartland of America.

THE QUIET ROOM — dir. Samuel Wineman
2018, USA, 27:38 mins, Fiction

When Michael’s attempt at suicide awakens a psych ward demon, he must stop her before she kills everyone in the hospital he connects with.

THOU SHALL NOT TAILGATE — dir. Greg Hamilton
2018, USA, 25 mins, Nonfiction

A colorful portrait of Rev. Chuck Linville, art car creator and co-founder of the ‘Portland Cacophony Society’.

THUNDER ROAD — dir. Jim Cummings
2018, USA, 91:34 mins, Fiction

Officer Arnaud loved his mom.


Online Selections — Available Exclusively at FilmmakerMagazine.com  — October 18-21, 2018

BRAZUCA — dir. Faidon Gkretsikos
2017, Greece, 19:07, Fiction

During the summer World Cup, 11-year old Boyko will do anything to obtain ‘Brazuca’— the Official World Cup ball, in order to prevent his friends from using him only as a goalkeeper.

BUNNY/BUNNY — dir. Sarah Burke
2018, USA, 13 mins, Fiction

A meditative exploration of childhood and loss.

COMMODITY CITY — dir. Jessica Kingston
2018, USA, 10:29 mins, Nonfiction

An observational documentary exploring the daily lives of vendors who work in the largest wholesale consumer market in the world: the Yiwu Markets in China.

ECLIPSE — dir. Masami Kawai
2018, USA, 5 mins, Experimental

This 360-degree perspective suggests an all-seeing omniscience, but the dancer’s movements reveal the limits of the camera.

HOLIDAY LAKE — dir. Frankie de Fusco, Sarah Salovaara
2018, USA, 2:55 mins, Fiction

Two filmmakers scout their next movie.

NOBODY KNOWS — dir. Nolan Goff
2018, USA, 20:22, Fiction

In the wake of his brother’s death, a quiet high schooler navigates his small Texas town, all while knowing he is responsible for the accident.

OBJECT — dir. Sydney Southam
2018, USA, 6 mins, Experimental & Nonfiction

A video essay and response to the artist’s experience working as a stripper.

MATA LAYA PATA — dir. Kevin Vu
2018, USA, 12:00 mins, Experimental

An underachiever takes part in a bizarre women’s self-help group. Will she succeed?

MY NAME IS MARC, AND YOU CAN COUNT ON IT — dir. Lindsey Phillips
2017, USA, 13:22, Nonfiction

Marc Norton created a string of bizarre, late-night commercials for his business, Norton Furniture in Cleveland OH. This is his story.

SARAH’S REEL — dir. James Bensen
2018, Hong Kong & USA, 11:12 mins, Fiction

An exploration of performance and self takes the form of an acting reel.

SHOTGUN — dir. Devin Johnson
2018, USA, 78:00 mins, Nonfiction

A lo-fi portrait of Jay Wade, a New York City steamfitter from El Paso with a mysterious past and an insatiable passion for music and numbers.

2018, USA, 12:00 mins, Fiction

An accidental meeting in Manhattan reveals a burgeoning relationship between two out- of-towners.

2018, USA, 39:34 mins, Nonfiction

A celebrity interview format interrupted by hallucinatory dream sequences, during which eco-chic pop star ‘Echo’ relives her private reckoning in the wake of public infidelity.

THE ORDER OF THE ORCHID — dir. Alex Italics
2018, USA, 6:48 mins, Fiction

A lonely spinster’s failed attempt at arranging flowers summons an ominous shadowy figure who sends her into a psychedelic netherworld to confront her own mediocrity.

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