Spotlight On Location Scout – Brian McElroy

“A Haunting At Silver Falls 2” at Linfield College (photo: Brian McElroy)

Brian McElroy has been working in location management for over two decades and has had an interesting career path that ultimately led him to Oregon.  We caught up with him after he had finished working on “Woodstock or Bust” – an indy film written and directed by Leslie Bloom, a Lake Oswego native.

Brian started in location management in LA where he worked on shows like “Beverly Hills 90210” and “Melrose Place”.  Twenty years ago, he left the film and TV business completely and found steady work as an engineer in New York but after his first trip to Oregon on vacation, he made a family decision to make a permanent move and now calls West Linn home.  Things have come full circle as now Brian is back scouting for movies that he says have,  “really helped me learn my way around this state, same way I once learned Los Angeles when I was fresh out of college and new to that town in the early 1990s.”  Brian says he enjoys location managing the most when he is, “educating the public about film activity. Here in Oregon, I find there is a lot of excitement and anticipation, and I enjoy teaching and translating what the filming days will be like. People want to ask questions and understand what impact a production may create. If the job is done right, I’ve already gone over these things in a production meeting and explained the same to a film permit office, and maybe to police, traffic or fire departments, etc., so that nothing is coming out of left field. Location managing is 99% prepping–preparing. The key is to be very honest but to stay positive. I never sugarcoat what can be a very intrusive process.” Some of Brian’s favorite and most welcoming locations from recent work have been Silver Falls State Park and Conference Center, Maupin, Estacada, Warm Springs, and West Linn’s city parks.”

When Brian is not scouting he assists the NBA at some Trailblazers games, and is a West Linn track and youth baseball coach. He lives with his wife in West Linn with their four children. Welcome, Brian!

For more information, contact Brian directly,or at 845-240-2366.

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