“24 Hour Comic” Premiere delights

24 Hour Comic wowed an audience of fans and VIPs at Portland’s Laurelhurst Theater last night with its “Portland Premier” screening. 24 Hour Comic releases on iTunes and VOD on July 11th, and goes to Comic-Con International Independent Film Festival later this month. All this exposure means great things for Oregon filmmaker Milan Erceg.

“The single most important thing an audience can do to support an independent release at this stage is to buy it,” says Ryan Sage, executive producer of the project. “Even a hundred or so pre-orders makes the difference between ‘making it’ and ‘breaking it’ on iTunes.”

Fortunately for audiences, the movie appears to be a winner.

Positive reactions to the screening were reflected by attendee Jana Hughes, who calls the story “nurturing,” and “really enjoyable.” Others said it “inspired and gave hope”, and that “it ranks among the best documentaries this year.”

Sage and Erceg introduced several notable cartoonists in attendance, including Paul Guinan (Boilerplate), writer Anina Bennett, Rachel Nabors, Tom Lechner and David Chelsea, who all took questions.

Another premiere is planned for release day (July 11th) at the Kiggins Theater in Vancouver. More about the new release here: Dark Horse Supports Indie Documentary “24 Hour Comic”

Anina Bennett and Paul Guinan – writer and illustrator of Boilerplate – stay close
24 Hour Comic Director Milan Erceg
Larry Fong of Oregon Arts Commission among those celebrating the screening of 24 Hour Comic
Director Milan Erceg with celebrated cartoonist and 24 Hour Comic star Rachel Nabors
24 Hour Comic screening Q&A
Iconic cartoonist David Chelsea is one of the cartoonists featured in Milan Erceg’s 24 Hour Comic
24 Hour Comic premiere at the Laurelhurst Theater in Portland
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