New Portland-based Feature Film: If. I Love You


From time immemorial, love has been the subject of poets, artists, psychologists, philosophers, and now neuroscientists. It is a perpetual query as one navigates many confounding factors that make up the experience of “love,” from evolutionary biological drives to the exalted notions of unconditional love, and all the nitty gritty, everyday details in between.

If. I Love You is an experimental fiction feature film set in Portland, Oregon.  The film illustrates love from an investigative, at times deconstructionist, perspective.   It utilizes both traditional and experimental directorial techniques.  Its format is a cohesive, interwoven collection of short films that tackle the perennial topic of love from a variety of compelling perspectives, including marginalized social groups and topics.  Told with an investigative, psychologically oriented lens, it is driven by a fundamental outlook that romantic relationship reflects the quality of one’s relationship with oneself.  Moreover, it strives through its stories to present a deeper view of what viable, fulfilling intimate connection means, and to explore and transcend the fairytale notions of love we have been bombarded with in this media culture.  This project will also feature the traits and locations of Portland—both iconic and obscure.

Please check out the project and become a part of making it a reality!

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