OPIF Credit Auction is Almost Here!

Oregon is leading the show in film production.  There are tax incentives to be had from producing here.  What’s not clear is where the funding comes from.  Or more precisely why taxpayers would be inclined to contribute to OPIF.   Truth is, there are significant tax savings to be had on the giving end (taxpayer) as well as the receiving end (production).  In order for Oregon to continue to make available OPIF tax credits, there must be demand for the credits from taxpayers.  Oregon taxpayers subject to the federal alternative minimum tax, you know who you are, should strongly consider the benefits to be had from contributing to OPIF.   There is a small window of opportunity left to plan.  Bidding for the 2013 credits starts 10/21/13 and ends 10/25/13.

Nathan Coffey – Tax Matters, Inc.

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