Makeup Artistry Bill Unanimously Passed By The House and Senate

Senate Bill 836 will exempt hair and makeup artists working on professional photo shoots, film, television, or theater productions from unnecessary and unrelated licensing requirements, thereby helping Oregon remain competitive in these prospering industries. The Bill is now awaiting the Governor’s signature.

I am proud to be a working makeup artist in Oregon. The Oregon law stated that I wasn’t allowed to charge for makeup services without an esthetician license, a license that requires the skills of someone who works in a salon, waxing and doing facials. We all love these services, but that is none of my business. I am a makeup artist. Makeup artists are sculptors of light, highlighting and contouring our subjects to create illusion, characters, and/or beauty.

I want to give thanks to the community of supporters that made this bill pass. Amazing letters were submitted and courageous testimonies were expressed. Supporters include Susan Cabral-Ebert, the president of IATSE local 706 in Los Angeles, Christopher Mattaliano, director of the Portland Opera, cosmetology instructor Sue Graham, and makeup artists Sara Beukers, Christina Kortum, Terri Lodge, Eva Lohse, Kathleen Chetlain, Katherine Ross, Crystal Shade, Harmony Ray, Sarah Prevo, Claire Brooksbank and Amber Arpin.

In just two short months from my first meeting, a bill has been passed to support Oregon’s economic development and to keep Oregonians working. With the help from the whole community, it shows that we can make a difference. We can make a change. It worked!

Celena Rubin

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