Transmedia Series ‘Phrenic’ Releases Two Episodes and a Choose Your Own Adventure Story

Phrenic, a Portland transmedia series that premiered as an iPhone app last month, is releasing a portion of the experience online. The first two episodes are available as well as an interactive choose your own adventure story that puts the reader in the world of cloning and creepy talking dolls. The Doll has over thirty possible endings and text that changes each time you read it. More episodes and stories will be released over the next few weeks.

Phrenic is the story Alison Taylor, who will kill her husband in seven days. She hears dolls and paintings talking to her and suspects her husband is tampering with her medication. Her husband, Frank, is a research scientist at a nanogenetics company and lately he seems to be… a different person. Alison questions her own sanity but is convinced the only way to know the truth is to do the unthinkable.

You can get the latest episodes and stories from Facebook, Twitter, or The Phrenic app, which includes mobile games related to the story and behind the scenes information, is available on the App Store (if you don’t have an iPhone, watch the demo of how Phrenic works.) Read the interactive story The Doll or watch the episodes below.


Episode 1: “In seven days, I’m going to kill my husband”

Episode 2: “He told you about… top secret projects?”

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