UPDATED AGAIN- Series Finale of “Leverage” Airs on Christmas Night 10:00 PST What Surprises are Coming?

UPDATED AGAIN – It was just announced that after five great seasons (four in Oregon) “Leverage” is coming to an end on Christmas night.  We’ve been so blessed to have four great seasons in Oregon and we look forward to future TNT and Electric Entertainment productions in the future.  For now though, we’ll look to enjoy the series finale on Christmas night.

UPDATED- Here is a link to Beth Riesgraf talking about the sesaon (or is it the series?) finale.  In the interview Beth promises a “shocker”.

From everything we’re hearing, the season 5 finale of “Leverage” is sure to be an exciting episode.  If you follow Executive Producer/Director Dean Devlin’s online chatter, he promises something special.  What do you all think is bound to happen on the final episode?  As Dean mentions in the Hollywood Reporter article – is this possibly the final episode?  Who knows what will happen  but we’re excited to find out in the season 5 finale!  Tune in for yourself on December 25 at 10:00 PM PST

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10 thoughts on “UPDATED AGAIN- Series Finale of “Leverage” Airs on Christmas Night 10:00 PST What Surprises are Coming?

  1. surely hoping not!! LOVE LEVERAGE!! fav show on tv! fans are working hard at trying to save this wonderful show!! hope that TNT RENEWS and soon! thank you for helping to spread the word of this awesome show!

  2. I will surely be devastated if Leverage isn’t renewed. The last 2 episodes have been stellar and I can’t believe we could be seeing the last installment of this great show next week. The fans are doing our best (and bestest) to fight for a season 6; thank you for helping us spread the word!

  3. Cant wait to see the show! I sure hope this is not Leverages last episode! This is the best show on TV at any time or any network. I hope TNT listens to the fans and keeps Leverage on for many more seasons.I think if TNT doesn’t RENEW LEVERAGE SEASON 6 I would stop watching TNT network and all sister networks. When a network lets go of a show with Writers, Cast,Crew, Directors and Producers that this show has would not be good. Plus all the awesome guess stars.Thanks so much Orgon Film for writing this piece on a great show! No make that the GREATEST SHOW!!!!!!

  4. As Sophie would say, the characters and the storyline have lots of layers. That means surprises could come from all sorts of places. I’ll guess that Sterling comes through for the team in the Christmas day episode.
    I’ll also guess that TNT will renew Leverage!

  5. Would like to remind TNT and the powers that be that Leverage is nominated for a People’s Choice Award. What network in their right mind would not renew that show? It appears TNT is the answer to that question. Best show on tv, only other show I watch and won’t miss, if possible, is NCIS. With all the CRAP on tv these days, hard to believe a great show like Leverage may be on the chopping block.

  6. Nate and Sophie “retire” and leave to become “regular citizens” leaving the other 3 to carry on or not as they see fit. Hopefully, TNT will RENEW Leverage so the crew can carry on more capers for at LEAST one more year. If not, it’s been a great ride from the beginning and the one show I will truly miss.

  7. a great and awesome show must not go to its end but if it does it was a show that deserves the thanks for so many varied Episodes

  8. TNT has announced the end of Leverage. Stringing fans, cast, crew and all those Oregonians who have relied on Leverage for income, along for an extra 4-5 months past their usual renewal date. We are saddened and wonder what else we could have done. We led a massive writing campaign of thousands of letters and postcards, yet we did not prevail.

    We hope that Electric Entertainment will consider a good bye party for Portland and perhaps hold a “Con” this next year to give us closure. We loved having you in our midst.

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