“Center of Gravity” in the 20th Raindance Film Festival in London

Center of Gravity

Portland based director Steven Richter’s feature film “Center of Gravity” is in the official selection for the 20th Raindance Film Festival in London (Sept.26 – Oct.7 2012).

The film was shot in five days in Sao Paulo, Brazil, with two cameras, a minimal crew and budget, starring Brazilian actors Julio Machado and Ana Carolina Lima. Based on a story by American writer David Plante, “Center of Gravity” deals with universal questions about love and our expectations toward the beloved, the thin line that simultaneously divides and unites one another. The original music is by Seattle based musician Erik Blood. The album was released in the U.S. last Spring.

Steven Richter’s next feature will be shot in Portland later this year.

More information about “Center of Gravity” at the Raindance Festival here.

Music from “Center of Gravity”: http://www.erikblood.com/centerofgravity.html

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