Mercer/Lunden Films: Portland Purveyors of Short Subject Cinema.

Mercer/Lunden Films is the collaboration of Ben Mercer and Josh Lunden, two recent Oregon transplants who moved to Portland to experience the burgeoning indie film community. Since we had no local reputation or financial backing when we arrived, we decided to test crowd-funding models to raise money for two short films. We successfully raised over $2,000 and went into production with local actors and crew. We also began working with several community groups such as the PDX Film Collective. Along with the films, we’ve also produced a number of behind-the-scenes and technical videos to help illustrate the process of making short films on a limited budget. You can view these videos, as well as all of our films, at

Short films are the perfect medium for filmmakers to sharpen their skills and to explore non-traditional narratives and techniques. Our goal is to eventually produce a feature in Portland, but we’d also like to establish a stronger presence for short films. Outside of festivals, there seems to be a lack of awareness of short subject cinema in Portland. We hope to help change this through dedicated screenings and exposure on websites like The Confluence.

Josh Lunden

For more information about us and our upcoming projects, please visit the following portals:

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