Live (or previously recorded) from NYC it’s “Rid of Me”!!!!!

Do you want to know what it takes now for independent film makers to get the word out for their film?  Check out this video.  James Westby and Katie O’Grady have taken to the streets to promote their film “Rid of Me” and I can’t sing their praises enough for the effort they’ve put forth.  The film screened earlier in the year at the Tribecca film festival and received overwhelmingly positive reveiws.  From that they secured a distribution deal for the film through Phase 4 films.  This is not where the story ends though.  In fact it’s just the leaping off point.  Now James and Katie are pounding the pavement and building the word of mouth for the film.  We at Oregon Film admire and support their effort and we hope you do to.  So watch this clip and spread the word!

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