“A Year in Mooring” to screen at Salem Film Festival

I’m never big on talking about the projects that “got away” from Oregon but in this case I want to make an exception.  “A Year in Mooring”, written by Salem writer Peter Vanderwall and directed by Chris Eyre who was born in Portland.  A few years back my office was contacted about this film as the original story was set in Oregon.  Unfortunately between bad timing, competing projects and a scarcity of incentive funds, the project went to Michigan and is now set in Michigan.

Regardless, I’m happy to hear the film got made and with a cast like Josh Lucas and James Cromwell, I’m looking forward to seeing it.  I worked with Chris Eyre on a film in my past life and he’s truly a one of a kind director with a unique vision.  He’s also a thoughtful and generous person.  This week “A Year in Mooring” is screening at the Salem Film Festival and there is a bonus free panel discussion with Peter and Chris on the making of the film.  Be sure to check it out!  All details can be found here.


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