Master Pancake Theater – Cinema 21 – Portland – 8/13 @ 10:30 PM

What’s Master Pancake Theater? MPT is a beer-soaked show featuring raucous film commentary (in the style of MST3K) that Entertainment Weekly calls “a glorious pairing of turkey movies with live comedy.” They’ve been selling out Austin’s legendary Alamo Drafthouse for years. Now they’re heading north by northwest for the first time with a skewering of 1985’s classic teenage angstfest, “THE BREAKFAST CLUB”.

Do you like to laugh?  Do you like to drink beer?  Then you will love Master Pancake Theater.  And Master Pancake Theater will love you.

3 comedians making jokes over The Breakfast Club.  It will be the hardest you have ever laughed in a movie theater.

Don’t, don’t, don’t, don’t… don’t you, forget about Master Pancake Theater.

John Erler kisses Molly Ringwald's big, beautiful lips at the Alamo Drafthouse.
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