Rogue Makes a Portlandia Beer and Bottle

When Rogue Ales was approached with the idea of creating a special beer bottle to support the IFC show “Portlandia”, without hesitation they said – sign us up!  The end result is a special “Portlandia” bottle (bottle artwork is above) which will be available at the “Portlandia” premiere in New York City on January 19.  Rogue is also talking to the group planning the Portland premiere next Friday to perhaps provide a few of these limited edition bottles.  This is not the first time Rogue has been supportive of the local film and TV scene in Oregon.  Jack Joyce (owner and self titled Chief Wisdom Officer of Rogue) has been very supportive of the industry and the film office in the past.  One side note – the “Always On, Slightly Off” is IFC’s slogan – now you know why they love Oregon!

The great thing about Oregon is that local businesses often line up to support the film and television industry.  Several other local micro-brews, wineries, chocolate makers, and cheese makers have provided product over the past few years.  In fact there are too many to mention in this post.  The fact is that film and TV is often a good fit for local brands as they can reach their customer base in an inexpensive and effective way.  This collaboration will become more the norm as both the brands and the producers see the benefits.  Luckily in Oregon we have an ample supply of good beer, wine, and food!

In the meantime – good luck getting your hands on one of these bottles!


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