Good Profile of “Portlandia’s” Carrie Brownstein

Image from Willamette Week - John Clark

In case you haven’t already caught Aaron Mesh’s profile on Carrie Brownstein, here’s a link to the article.  Carrie’s diverse talents as musician, writer and actor make her a perfect representation of Portland’s creative class.  I don’t know if it’s because you need to be versatile to make a career in a small market like Oregon, or if it’s in the fabric of the region that creative professionals have many talents.

Either way, Carrie is a solid representation of the creative community and I for one can’t wait to see “Portlandia”.  As it says in the article, the show is due to air on IFC in January and I’m sure more news on the show will be rolling out in the coming weeks.  -Vince

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One thought on “Good Profile of “Portlandia’s” Carrie Brownstein

  1. Great perception of Oregon’s creative talent, Vince! While it is true one has to wear many hats to survive in Oregon’s small market, it is also a known fact that Talented and Gifted people are also talented and gifted in many diverse fields of endeavor.

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