Polluted Pictures Presents Two Feature Films from the Brothers Freeman

Portland, OR – October 27, 2010

On October 26th, local Portland-based filmmakers, the Brothers Freeman, commence principle photography on THE WEATHER OUTSIDE, the first of two feature films made back to back under the i-OPIF incentive program this fall from their production company Polluted Pictures.

The film, which was written and directed by Jason Freeman will be shot entirely on location in Portland for 3 weeks. It stars an all local cast including MIKE PROSSER, ERIN MCGARRY, BARRIE WILD, TED ROONEY, HALEY TALBOT, TIM WHITCOMB, TODD ROBINSON, and GALEN SCHRICK.
THE WEATHER OUTSIDE is Jason Freeman’s fourth feature film and is being Produced with his brother Todd Freeman as well as Co-Producer Lara Cuddy.

Jason and Todd Freeman’s previous feature, WAKE BEFORE I DIE, was the first film to be accepted into the i-OPIF incentive program just a short 8 months ago. Jason’s THE WEATHER OUTSIDE and Todd’s CELL COUNT will make 3 films made by the Brothers Freeman under the new indigenous program offered through the Oregon Film Office in 2010.  We are producing this film 100% in the Portland metropolitan area with all of the cast and crew from Oregon.

For more information, please visit: www.pollutedpictures.com or contact: Lara Cuddy, [email protected], Producer, Polluted Pictures.

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