Glowing review of "Meeks Cutoff" from Variety

Meeks Cutoff

Variety film critic Justin Chang gave a rave review of Kelly Reichardt’s film “Meeks Cutoff” last week in Variety.  He saw the film at the Venice film festival.  Among the things he praised were the locations credited to location scout Roger Faires.  How often does a location person get credit in a review? Here’s an excerpt from the review.

“Reichardt’s decision to shoot in the 1.33 aspect ratio enhances the docu-like feel and yields one majestic composition after another, the nearly square frame capturing the wide-openness of these harshly beautiful desert vistas (Roger Faires is credited for the film’s Oregon locations, which look utterly of the period). Pic is lensed almost entirely in natural light, with nighttime scenes unfolding in a velvety darkness illuminated only by campfires or lanterns. Vicki Farrell’s costumes and David Doernberg’s production design round out a tech package of microbudget authenticity; beautifully embroidered credits sequence is a marvelous touch.”

For the complete review you can go here

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