"Stand by Me" 25th Anniversary Celebration July 24th

"Stand by Me"

Brownsville, Oregon is about to come alive with “Stand By Me” fans!

Twenty-five years ago, Rob Reiner and his crew came to Brownsville to make the movie Stand By Me.  On Saturday, July 24th, Brownsville will be celebrating the movie’s anniversary with an event that’s fun for all ages.

There will be an amateur pie eating contest (where contestants eat blueberry pie with both hands behind their backs); dancing with a live band playing 50’s music; an old car cruise in; a photo display of pictures taken behind the scenes in 1985 and lots of other things to do and see.

One of the top questions people have is “who is coming?” Many of the actors and crew have been invited, and several are coming!  Kent Luttrell, who played the dead body, lives in Portland and still does commercials. He is excited to say he is coming. Also, Korey Pollard will be here. Korey played one of the “Cobra’s” in the backseat of the turquoise Studebaker. He came in as a crew member from Eugene and left Brownsville as an actor with a new found passion for the business. Today he is the 1st assistant director for the TV show Lie to Me. He has also worked on House and Monk.

Shari Chinchen, who doubled for Jerry O’Connell when they found out he couldn’t climb the fence at the junk yard, will also be attending. A local resident, Craig Lunsford was a stand in for Andy Lindberg, who played Lardass. He sat or stood where the actor would be so the camera operators could set the lighting, then they brought the actor in at the last minute.

We expect other locals who were in the movie to attend as well. The Cast and Crew Reunion will be on the park stage at 3:00 just prior to the Amateur Blueberry Pie Eating Contest. Scott McDowell, City Administrator, will be the MC. We are hoping for some good stories and good questions from the audience.

Rob Reiner was invited; however, he has a big premier showing of a new movie coming out. This is a big news item for Stand By Me fans. The new movie, called Flipped, is being promoted as a bookend to Stand By Me. They are both “coming of age” movies and both are set in the 50’s. Rob wanted to film again in Oregon, but the incentive package in Michigan was twice as good as Oregon’s. Rob sends his regrets, and also sent the organizers a personal copy of the trailer to the new movie, which will be shown prior to the movie on Saturday evening in the park.

A suggestion was made for fans to wear a NY Yankees hat to the event to represent the scene when Ace stole Gordie’s hat. Let’s see how many people actually do it.

Learn more about the event here: http://www.historicbrownsville.com/content/BrV_7.html

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