Independent Film Meet Jane Doe Rolls Cameras on July 12th

Portland, OR – The eagerly anticipated inaugural feature film for local filmmaker Jacqueline Gault of JackSpeed Productions begins principal photography on July 12th at Dante’s nightclub in downtown Portland. The film follows two women: Jane, a dowdy toy store employee played by Audrey Walker, and Ruby a saucy cabaret performer played by Jacqueline Gault, as their lives suddenly intersect and Jane is thrust into Ruby’s dark world. Jane’s life gets turned upside down as she learns the details of her past and just how interconnected her life is with Ruby. She struggles to free herself from her demons, but her demons won’t let go.

“It’s a psychological thriller, and certainly not the typical film made by a female filmmaker,” Jacqueline explains. The film is being shot exclusively in Portland and featuring several local businesses. The nightclub scenes will all be shot at Dante’s, which is Ruby’s place of employment, and Jane works at Green Frog Toys. When Jane and her co-worker Doug get set up on a date, they go bowling at Grand Central Bowling. Additional locations are yet to be secured, and include a cafe, a psych hospital and a police station. “We have several options we are looking at,” says Andrea Speedie, the film’s producer and Jacqueline’s partner at JackSpeed Productions. “We just need to find locations that fit in with the overall look and feel of the film.”

The production is in the process of filing paperwork for SAG Ultra-Low Budget status and hopes to qualify for the Indigenous Oregon Production Investment Fund through the Governor’s Office of Film & Television. All of that hinges on the ability of the film to raise the required minimum financing that the iOPIF requires. “We are currently in talks with several investors,” Jacqueline explains, “it’s just a matter of finding the right business match.” In addition, the production company is seeking to raise roughly 25% of the film’s overall budget through Kickstarter, an online fundraising site that helps artists reach out to the masses to raise funds. To date, the site has reached 13% of the film’s proposed Kickstarter funding, with a deadline of June 18th.

The cast and crew filmed a teaser trailer for Meet Jane Doe on March 25th and presented the project to 100+ local filmmakers, actors, friends, family and local media at a party at Grand Central Bowling on May 2nd. Audience response was overwhelmingly positive. Cast and crew interviews were also shown as part of the event, and the majority of the key players were on hand to answer questions and chat about the project.

Meet Jane Doe is the first of what is to be many projects to come out of the newly formed JackSpeed Productions LLC, a venture started by Ms. Gault and Ms. Speedie. The duo’s second project, currently dubbed “The Trinity Project” is in the research stage.

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