Live Updates from the Set of "Leverage"

TNT's "Leverage"

The “Leverage” gang has to be one of the most Twitter savy groups out there. Thanks in large part to the leadership of Dean Devlin, many of the cast and crew tweet frequently about the goings on in and around Portland. Unlike other productions where information is always on lockdown, “Leverage” has opened their set to it’s fans and followers.

On this blog we’ve begun to post our two favorite Twitter feeds from the show (see our sidebar to the right). Dean Devlin always gives juicy behind the scenes updates and Tim Hutton has mastered the art of tweeting video right from the set. Tim has gotten so good at it that you can usually see 3-5 video tweets from Tim every week. If you are a fan of “Leverage”, make sure you check out these Twitter accounts!

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2 Responses to “Live Updates from the Set of "Leverage"”

  1. Vanessa says:

    Thank you! I LOVE LEVERAGE!!!! 🙂

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