MDiTV a new internet television company in Portland

MDiTV is a new television production company located in Portland, OR. We are creating video programming about health and medical news for online distribution. Our shows will be portable and viral, just the thing to watch at the water cooler with your coworkers or while waiting for the bus. We’re excited to announce our launch in Spring 2010!

Medical Doctor Internet Television (MDiTV) strives to put relevant and innovative professional health care information in the hands of medical practitioners and consumers. Through a unique web-based distribution method, MDiTV can be accessed anywhere an Internet connection is available. MDiTV’s original videos and articles can be accessed on a smartphone, tablet, computer, or a widget enabled television.

What sets MDiTV apart from other online medical resources is its wealth of rich videos featuring commentary and news from former CNN anchors and health care professionals. Website features will allow anchors, medical professionals and the audience at large to engage in a dialog and collaborate on a level that has not been experienced before. MDiTV will revolutionize how medical information is retrieved, shared and used by the medical community and consumers interested in health care.

We’ve done some of our early filming in the @Large Studios (here is a link to a blog post about @Large) They’re great! We’ve joined OMPA and started creating some exciting new connections there. We are very interested in working with other television companies in the region. How can we benefit your company? Let’s talk! (facebook me here or send me an email.)

Look for us online at our corporate website here:

Join our facebook fan group here:

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