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On behalf of the crew, equipment providers, and post production services available to serve your business in Oregon, we welcome you and thank you for considering producing in our state. If you aren’t already aware, OMPA publishes the directory, online at, where you will find a list of personnel and resources, all of which are vetted for professional experience.  Both the Governor’s Office of Film & Television and the OMPA will gladly provide hard copies of the directory for you and your production managers to use in crewing up.

You probably already know of Oregon’s reputation for having beautiful and diverse locations, and as being a place where technology and creativity meet in the spirit of entrepreneurism.  Those from outside of Oregon may not know that Oregon is home to experienced crew, equipment, acting talent and infrastructure that has provided resources to countless commercial, TV, feature film and new media productions.  A concentration of educated creatives and technology engineers make Oregon a vibrant place for generating content for the entertainment industry and solutions for the business community.

The Oregon Media Production Association was formed almost 30 years ago, and is an example of how Oregon’s production industry works together.  Crew, service, and equipment providers work collaboratively to share their best practices, and have helped establish Oregon’s reputation as one of the best places in the world for producing.

And Oregonians don’t just work on projects from out of state.  Oregon’s native production companies employ our crew and resources regularly – keeping skills fresh, minds sharp, and equipment and resources readily available year round.  Oregon is also increasingly becoming home to “above the line” services, with savvy distribution, marketing, and finance professionals adding to the mix of services to lend to the success of our projects.

We welcome you to join us with your project; or, like so many creative and production professionals, to relocate yourself and your business here.  At any point along the way, I and the other members and board of the OMPA make ourselves available to facilitate the success of your enterprise.  (Once you do come, just remember to recycle your materials when your project is done.)

Tom McFadden is the Executive Director of the Oregon Media Production Association (OMPA), Oregon’s trade association for the film, video, and new media industry.

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