The Associate, LLC

Trudy Suski and Kristy Bauer

The Associate is a boutique Marketing firm based in Portland with a satellite office in Los Angeles.  While their experience and knowledge is wide spread, they specialize in media relations, product placement, entertainment liaison, and brand integration.  Their goal is to help their clients connect through traditional and non-traditional marketing efforts.  The Associate’s clients, past and present, range from high-end fashion brands, the beverage industry and even to high-tech medical devices.

The Associate offers more than just the traditional marketing efforts.  They find ways to connect their clients with the entertainment industry.  Their close ties with Hollywood, various media outlets, and their access to the fashion, music, hospitality, food, and beverage industries allows them to generate cross promotional opportunities and product placement tie-ins along with national and international media exposure.  Additionally, they can help to coordinate pre and post production events including high-end private screening parties and specialized gift giving opportunities.

The Associate’s Kristy Bauer, a veteran of the fashion and entertainment world of Los Angeles and now based in Portland, is all too familiar with what Oregon has to offer.  “With the current film production schedule slated for Oregon, it only makes sense that we find a way to bring recognition to the area as well as the area products with cross-promotional efforts and tie-ins,” states Bauer.  “If a production needs a certain brand or product, they come to us.  We will find it for them, negotiate the placement and coordinate the cross promotional media opportunities.”

The Associate’s Trudy Suski says, “It may seem like a wide range of clients, but our broad reach serves to benefit all of our clients and the gatekeepers we reach out to. We love what Oregon has to offer and we’re ready to let the rest of the world know about it too!”.

The Associate seeks to promote Oregon through the use of their contacts and their client base.  They want to create a “buzz” about their clients by keeping them connected to TV and Film.  “Cross promoting works”, says Bauer.  “You see it every day in the clothes you wear, the wine you drink, and the music you listen to.  It’s a formula that works.”

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