Cars In Movies Are More Than Just Props

Audi e-tron GT

Cars are a part of our everyday lives, so they naturally make their way onto the big screen. Here, they serve not only as a means of transportation for the characters brought to life by various actors but also as an advertisement for the automakers who often generally pay for the honor or sometimes donate high-value vehicles. More often than not, these cars are not even the star of the show, such as the BMW E90 3 Series, which has featured in the background of Iron Man 2 and Mission Impossible – Ghost Protocol on the silver screen and Orange is the new Black and House of Cards on television. Continue reading... “Cars In Movies Are More Than Just Props”

Iconic Ford Coupes Featured In Film

There have been many iconic Ford’s featured in films over the years, from the pioneering Ford Deuce Coupe in the 1973 classic American Graffiti to the high-performance Ford GT40 in the contemporary docu-film Ford v Ferrari. Ford’s Coupes and the idea of what a coupe is has transformed over the years but regardless of the nomenclatures implication, Ford’s cars have always been favorites with car and film aficionados alike. With the significant presence of both the automobile and film-making industries in the USA and considering Ford’s American origins, there’s no wonder to the numerous appearances of cool-looking Ford Coupes on the big screen. Continue reading... “Iconic Ford Coupes Featured In Film”