“Gasoline Rainbow” Special Cast & Crew screening on Monday 12/18

Renowned filmmakers Bill and Turner Ross are bringing the film they shot in Oregon in the summer 2021 back to the area for its first screening on American soil, on December 18 at the Hollywood Theater. After its world premiere at the Venice Film Festival in September, GASOLINE RAINBOW will screen for the local cast and crew that made it possible next Monday.

The film depicts five teenagers who have just graduated from high school and decide to go on a road trip before the dreaded approach of “real life” and all that it demands. They journey from the middle of Oregon to the coast, beginning in a fictional town called “Wylley” and ending at a party dubbed the “End of the World,” which was filmed on the beaches near Astoria. The production filmed for five weeks, chronologically capturing the teenagers as they start in a van, and traverse a broad Oregon landscape by foot, train, and boat, with an extended stop in Portland over Fourth of July. The movie was filmed documentary style, with many locals ending up on film as the directors rolled and captured their stars interacting with real people. Casting was centered on the Pacific Northwest area, with Portland being home base for the extent of pre-production and production.

For brothers Bill and Turner Ross, this is their sixth film, having formerly won awards for films like TCHOUPITOULAS, WESTERN, and BLOODY NOSE EMPTY POCKETS, which premiered at festivals like Sundance, Berlin, and South by Southwest. GASOLINE RAINBOW brought them to new heights, however, with a World Premiere at Venice. Regional cast also accompanied the filmmakers for the debut at the Biennale.

While the screening on Monday will be exclusively for cast and crew who worked on the film, GASOLINE RAINBOW has distribution through UK based company MUBI, who have plans for a domestic release in 2024.

This screening is being supported by Oregon Film.

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