The Real Goonies? The True Quest for Fabled Treasure on the Oregon Coast

There has long been speculation that there may be some hidden treasure tucked away on the rocky Oregon coast, but did this rumor inspire the beloved Oregon movie, “The Goonies”? A new documentary, “The True Quest for Fabled Treasure on the Oregon Coast” explores the 2022 discovery of timbers from the Santo Cristo de Burgos shipwreck and the legend that might have been an inspiration for the film. The documentary is set to premiere at the Columbian Theater (Astoria) on Oct. 13th and also at the Hollywood Theatre (Portland) on Oct. 15th. Filmmakers are JB Fisher, Tony Altamirano, and Doug Kenck-Crispin. Get your tickets now! Read more from OregonLive, or from The Chronicle.

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