OregonLive Discovers Some Background To “Outdoor School”

Vin Shambry on the set of Outdoor School. (Photo: OregonLive)

Kristi Turnquist (OregonLive) spent a day last month on set of the independent film “Outdoor School” talking to the creative team about the inspiration behind the film. (Read here.)

The Film tells the story of, Vin Shambry, “a Black 12-year-old boy in Portland, Oregon. Homeless, Vin sleeps under a tree in the park with his mother and baby sister, by day palling around with his school-yard friend, the daughter of a famous shoe designer. Vin’s 6th-grade class embarks on an educational coming-of-age adventure known as Outdoor School. Reluctant to leave his family, Vin goes on the trip, where his worldview is transformed by nature and caring adults.” (https://www.outdoorschoolthemovie.com/)

The main creative team consists of, Ime M. Etuk (Writer and Director,) Ifanyi Bell (Producer,) and Vin Shambry (Author and Executive Producer). Bell is also the Executive Producer of Open Signal Labs, and Etuk, Founder of Lion Speaks, a nonprofit with a mission to educate, expose, and empower under-served racial groups in the media industry, through educational opportunities in medial literacy, mentoring, training, and job placement.  #OregonMade “Outdoor School” has just recently finished filming in the Portland Metro area.

Read more on “Outdoor School” in OregonLive.

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