Bruce Willis Becomes #OregonMade in “Bandits” at the Hollywood Theatre

What’s better than Bruce Willis in a ponytail or Cate Blanchett hitting Billy Bob Thornton with her silver Mercedes on Naito Parkway? Well, watching this turn-of-the-century comedy heist movie on a 35mm print for its 20th anniversary comes close.

This December 15 at The Hollywood Theatre you can have it all in the next installment of our #OregonMade Film Series.

BANDITS takes a Grand Tour of Oregon from Portland’s Broadway Bridge, through a room with a view over Lake Oswego, over to Oregon City for a quick bank job and then south to Silverton (doubling as Klamath Falls) and Salem before heading into California and finishing this not one, not two, but three different time period narrative of a three-way love triangle in Century City.

This one comes from Barry Levinson who will always have a prominent place in cinematic history for DINER and WAG THE DOG on their own (oh and a few others as well, sure) but come see it just for the fake mustaches and bad wigs.

Get your tickets here.


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