A Groundswell Of independent Filmmaking Is Gathering Steam In Eugene.

Eugene has long been an attraction for filmmaking of the Hollywood variety (“Animal House”, “Without Limits”, “Drive, He Said”, “The High Co$T of Living”, “Without Limits”, “Five Easy Pieces”, “Stand By Me” and “Personal Best” to name a few) and more recently there has been a groundswell of independent filmmaking gathering steam in Eugene.

Support is building for many emerging, independent filmmakers, many of whom are members of a Facebook group that describes itself as, “a group of filmmakers who reside near Eugene, Oregon. We produce films and provide them for viewing at local movie theaters and on social media sites. Join us if you want to help make movies and/or you want to keep an eye on our films!”  One local filmmaker and Eugenian, Rick Gates, has created,  “Scene in Eugene” – a YouTube channel that streams an ever-growing collection of short films, all made locally. Another member of the Lane County Filmmakers group, David Mort, created a YouTube interview series he calls, “Garage Talk,” – where he brings together local filmmakers and fellow creatives in his own garage where they sit and chat about their short films and the process of production as they get “under the hood of the film, and look at all the stuff that happens behind the camera.

Read more from the Eugene Weekly about this growing film community of Lane County filmmakers.



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