#EOFF2021 Is Open For Film Submissions

Eastern Oregon Film Festival will take place October 21-23, 2021 in and/or via La Grande, Oregon. Filmmakers are invited to submit their work for consideration for screening at our twelfth edition, #EOFF2021.

Submit your film at https://www.filmfreeway.com/eofilmfest

View the EOFF FAQ, Residency Information and festival archives at https://www.eofilmfest.com

LA GRANDE – Established in 2009 and named one of the “25 Coolest Festivals in the World” by MovieMaker Magazine in 2017, the Eastern Oregon Film Festival typically combines three days of intimate screenings, live conversations with filmmakers, video Q&A, and special presentations from visiting artists. Each night concludes with an after-party featuring incredible live music from a variety of visiting musicians.

In 2020, EOFF, like many other small festivals, was forced to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic by pivoting the festival programming and presentation to an online-only format.  Our goal was to present the year’s selections while retaining the unique and intimate artist and guest experience that the festival is known for. Having succeeded in this effort, EOFF is now equipped to expand its yearly programming to an online platform alongside the in-person festival.  This allows us to provide a more robust annual program and to cover for or augment the festival delivery as needed, as we still face the uncertainty of in-person gatherings this October.

‘Thanks for all the work I’m sure went into figuring this year’s fest; for fighting to create something special to escape into; for fostering a sense of community among strangers; for showcasing truly independent work that often gets overlooked. I cannot tell you how much we all appreciate it!’ – Ryan Brown, Director – Tired Eyes


‘You folks ran a great festival! The best virtual one I’ve been a part of. Bravo!’– David Licata, Director – A Life’s Work


‘ Your thoughtful and completely insanely excellent filmmaker package made me feel like I was at EOFF!! You all rock!’  – Michele Noble, Director – Reclamation: The Rise at Standing Rock


‘This year’s festival is destined to be perfect, exactly as it will need to be.’ states Festival Director, Christopher Jennings. ‘This festival seems to weather all sorts of odds in the face of our rural, social, political, and now epidemic influences. There is no doubt that the good that this festival brings to its community and to the filmmakers, artists, and audiences it co-actuates with, will rise above the technicals, whatever form the program is delivered in this year. We are approaching this year with intent and imagination, inviting you to do the same with the goal that we will see, and maybe even high-five each other at The Liberty Theatre this October.‘


Cash prizes are available as part of the award packages for the first time ever!  $2500.00 will be distributed between 5 selections of this upcoming festival, along with the standard prestige that comes with being an EOFF Award Winner. The cash prize is provided by lagrande.life – A La Grande based community resource and amplifier for all things La Grande.

Eastern Oregon Film Festival is also hosting its inaugural Filmmaker Residency Program this Spring. Applications are open until February 21 for this refreshing screenwriting opportunity. https://www.filmfreeway.com/eofilmfest-residency/

Eastern Oregon Film Festival receives support and collaboration from partners like Oregon FilmEastern Oregon UniversityUnion County Arts and Cultural CoalitionTravel OregonUnion CountyThe City of La Grande, The Liberty Theatre Foundation, and many generous Volunteers, Members, Sponsors, and individual contributors.

#EOFF2021  #OregonMade

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