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Our friends and colleagues at The Technology Association of Oregon (TAO) sent a list of resources aimed a combating racism in their communities and in ourselves and we wanted to share and echo it for ourselves and our community as well.

We value equity, diversity and inclusion, and we recognize we still have work to do to create meaningful change. We recognize that we need to listen and learn to implement systemic change. We need to talk about and enact ways to take action to combat racism and bias in our workplace, and to make room for more diverse voices on our staff, on our Board, and in our work and our greater community.

Here is a list of resources in hopes that you will take action, too.

Speak up and be an ally on behalf of communities of color. Talk to your friends, family and neighbors.

Explore your own implicit bias.

Educate yourself with anti-racism resources.

Readbooks, articles, essays, poems and other resources to better educate yourself.

Patronize black owned businesses, including places to shop and eat in Portland.

Volunteer for a social justice non-profit.

Support organizations working to create a more diverse industry, like the Couch Collective, Open Signal, MetroEast, Outside the Frame and Flossin Media.

Donate and if your company matches a certain amount of personal donations to organizations, funds, charities, or movements – submit your donations for that match.

Amplify, follow, signal-boost and learn from the messages of Black influencers, including these Inspiring Black People You Need to Follow on Instagram, and these influencers, authors and public speakers.


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