MONUMENT: Oregon-Made Holocaust Documentary Looking For Support

My grandma, a survivor of Auschwitz, was never able to tell us what happened to her during the Holocaust.  But at the end of life, she returned to her hometown in Hungary to build a mysterious memorial for the town’s Jewish people, including her family. MONUMENT is a feature-length documentary film about my first visit to the memorial, hoping to find answers about what happened to her, and what it means to pass on traumatic memory.

We had the unfortunate timing of launching a crowdfunding campaign for Monument just before the COVID-19 outbreak, but we’ve been overwhelmed and humbled by the amount of support we’ve received.  April 21, Holocaust Remembrance Day, will be the final day of our campaign.  During these last 5 days, we hope you’ll consider sharing this project– every tax-deductible donation, no matter how small, is a meaningful contribution to a collective monument to the victims, the survivors, the displaced, and all of their stories.   To successfully end this campaign on Holocaust Remembrance Day (in the midst of a global pandemic no less) would be such a statement.

Thank you to the Oregon Film community– hope everyone is staying well out there.

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