“Inspiration Oregon” – Winning Submissions

Thanks to everyone who participated in this contest. We had many great submissions and we very much enjoyed watching and sharing all of them.

Because we had a few technical and process glitches at the launch of the viewing period we have decided to expand our awards to include not only the top 10 winning videos that garnered the most combined likes and views, but also a further 8 videos as “honorable mentions” that excelled in one or the other category. Winners will each receive $500 and honorable mentions $250.

Here’s a list of the Winning videos, listed alphabetical by title (videos can be played by embedded links) – each of these winners will receive $500:

“Clarity” (Chas Martin)

“COVID Springtime Stroll” (Hamid Shibata Bennett)

“Grandpa Bill” (Jamie Yutzie)

“Imagination” (Courtney Williams)

“In Character” (Benjamin Steeper)

“Indoor Sk8 Sesh” (Alberta Poon)

“A Little Light Told Me” (Emma Josephson)

“Making Friends” (Noah Birch)

“Metolius” (Bruce Lawson)

“Strong People, Strong Oregon” (Antonio Munoz)

And here’s a list of the Honorable Mention videos, also listed alphabetical by title – each of these honorable mentions will receive $250:

“?” (Christopher Brooks)

“Animation Inspiration” (Kelly Campbell)

“Bottomed Out” (Mike Vaughn)

“Freddie’s Silver Linings” (Elisa Klein)

“Housebound” (Lindsay Trapnell)

“Morning Mood” (Vyvyan Doan)

“Quarantine With Sanookie” (Anchitta Noowong)

“Skyler Ray – Wanna Go” (Zac Eberhard)

Winners and Honorable Mentions will be contacted separately to confirm address details provide with their submission.

Thank you everyone for making this such a broad, creative and insightful program.


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