Spotlight On Location Professional – Katie Rasmussen

As a Location Manager based in Oregon, I spend my free time looking for undiscovered vistas, waterfalls, scenic outlooks, and beautiful landscapes. Oregon truly captures the imagination of all people who come here to visit. One of the most common things I hear is that “it’s so green here!” Our tiny corner of the United States is one that has inspired storytellers and artists for years.

My job is to help the Director find their vision within the Oregon landscape. With so much to offer, it truly is a task of having too many options to show, as opposed to too few. Within 45 minutes of Portland you can reach rugged coastlines, epic landscapes that rival many of the national parks, and snow covered craggy mountains. Look a little further and you’ll find high deserts, pristine alpine lakes and old growth forests. In between it all are historic bridges, small quaint towns and of course the burgeoning City of Portland.

This is an incredible state to work in, and I am truly blessed to make a living connecting Directors with the landscapes I love so much. Most of all, working with the community is a true joy. Oregonians are generally curious about the experience and there is enthusiasm and buzz about projects that film here.

Working in the film industry was a dream of mine that began at 16 years old. As a native Oregonian I am thrilled to share my knowledge and expertise with the Producers and Directors who come to this region.

Katie Rasmussen

M: 503-577-8278
P: 503-577-8278
Contact: Email: [email protected]
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