Will Vinton to Keynote McMinnville Short Film Festival

Oscar- and Emmy-winning filmmaker Will Vinton will be the keynote presentation at the 5th Annual McMinnville Short Film Festival on October 3, 2015.  As a Director and Producer of 3D animation, Will Vinton has won virtually every film and television award given a filmmaker – several hundred in total. Will directed and produced the world’s first all Claymation feature film, the critically acclaimed ADVENTURES OF MARK TWAIN. Soon after, he directed the first three California Raisin commercials that launched a legendary series of hip commercials, entertainment, merchandising, and a CBS Saturday morning TV series, THE CALIFORNIA RAINSIN SHOW. And his theatrical feature, FESTIVAL OF CLAYMATION, a compilation of his early short films has been an enduring hit at college campuses everywhere.  Tickets for the presentation will be available as we get closer to the date. For more information, visit mcminnvillefilmfest.org.

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