Reality Check Brings Time Travel to Portland

There is no future in time travel…when your future is safe with us.

Have you ever considered that you might be dreaming? Your past and present echoes between your blinking eyes…

From Portland, Oregon, a local group of filmmakers have come together to launch a kickstarter campaign for, “Reality Check,” a science fiction short film about an insurance company with a monopoly on time travel.  Writer/Director CHRIS BUCHAL, and his crew have worked for over a year in pre-production to bring this vision to life. Featuring trippy special effects, a fascination with the Fibonacci sequence found throughout nature, and a strong female protagonist- the film, which features an all Portland cast and crew- is best described as Memento meets Minority Report, or Primer and Twelve Monkeys, all within 15 minutes.

CORA BENESH (CITY BABY, PORTLANDIA), plays Elion, an insurance agent who time-travels to check the validity of insurance claims.  Within her job, known as “The Watcher,” she has one last assignment: to review the life insurance policy of one, Tom Bombadil, played by GREG JAMES (BIRDS OF NEPTUNE).  Along the way she discovers that corruption begins on a personal level. The best stories are not just situations, but events that unfold, and the story follows a character study about what someone will do to get ahead, and what they will leave behind to get there.

Follow the film on Twitter: @realitychkmovie

Khole of Reality Check Insurrance

For more information about the project check out the link below.

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