ParaNorman in Theaters on August 17 – We’ll Be There. What About You?

After two plus years hand crafting frame by frame, Oregon based animation studio LAIKA is set to debut their second film “ParaNorman” in theaters this coming Friday.  We at the Oregon Film Office will be at the Regal Lloyd Center theaters with a block of tickets  to celebrate the release.  In fact we hope to see you there at 11:50 AM for the first showing!  An opening weekend of any feature film often determines the financial success of the film so let’s all find a way to make it to a nearby theater and see this great Oregon Film.  The good news is that the reviews are in and it’s a really good film!  Some are already predicting an academy award nomination for this animated film.

This past weekend the Oregonian had a couple of great pieces on the film and LAIKA animation studios.  Journalist Mike Rogoway wrote this article on LAIKA’s hopes for “ParaNorman” which also included mention of Weiden + Kennedy’s marketing work on the filmRogoway also wrote a companion piece on LAIKA House’s ambition to grow in the near future.  So best of luck to the hundreds of Oregonians who have worked so hard to make this film.  We can’t wait to hear what you will be working on next!


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